Sunday, April 25, 2010

IEM Training Update- Vol. 13; Issue 11

At this point, there is no use in apologizing for taking so long to post another session or even a brief training update. I was busy finishing my certificate to teach ESL to adults. That did lessen some of my mental capacities, but let's face it, I was mostly just not motivated to write. Once I get going, I'm a house on fire and can write up an entire 15-page eating session in just a few days, but getting myself started is next to impossible.

Forcing myself to write record reviews in the updates was a bad move. Going forward, I will try to post the training updates regularly, but don't expect me to do those reviews anymore- at least not on a consistent basis. I seldom feel compelled to write about music at length, but I can usually come up with a paragraph about what I ate and what I shat, and can at least list what I've listened to recently. If you get a bonafide record review, consider yourself lucky.

But guess what? IEM #14 is finally ready and will post on Tuesday, April 27. I'm quadruple-checking for typos and formatting tonight. I'm sure something will still be a little "off," but hey, what do you want for nothing?


Don't forget, you can donate to IEM to help pay for the eating sessions. If I get enough money, I'll surely feel compelled to write up the sessions in a more timely manner. Won't I?

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April 26 status:

WEIGHT: 183.8

  • 3 cups red grapes
  • 1/2 cheese pizza from Lakeshore Lanesplitter
DEFECATION (what my turd looked like): N/A

: I've been working on finishing IEM #14 all day. That's kind of like exercise, right?


Bad Time by Grand Funk Railroad off of the All The Girls In The World Beware LP. This is an "AM Gold" pop classic. It's a song even non-stoner girls would love- very atypical for Grand Funk. I've been listening to this song ad nauseum for the last 4 days and find more cool elements within the song each time I hear it. If there was a better pop single ever made, I'm not sure what it is. If I can put out a record like this someday and eat lots of sandwiches, I can die happy.


Jez said...

What about "Go All the Way" by the Raspberries? That's a pretty damn good pop song, don't you think?

Inhuman Eating Machine said...

Raspberries have several songs that contend, including "Go All the Way," but I still think "Bad Time" is better. Ask me again in 2 weeks, though. I'll probably have changed my mind by then.

Kurt said...

i always thought that the lyrics to that song were "please...gooo away". kind of changes the meaning to find out i was wrong. now scuse me while i kiss this guy.