Wednesday, March 16, 2011

IEM Session #15.8- The BBQ Beef Wrap-Up

Apparently, some IEM readers wanted a list of the BBQ joints I felt were the best. At first, I was gonna say, "Read the damn blog! Which places sound the best to YOU?" I give the people what they want, though, so I have acquiesced and provided you with a Top 3 and Bottom 1 list.

Keep in mind, BBQ around here is inconsistent, especially the meat component of the BBQ. A place with good product today could be iffy tomorrow. And vice versa.

TOP 3 BBQ Beef Sandwiches (On April 29, 2010)

1. Elve's

2. Maggie Ray's

3. Tomm's

Last Place:

Old South

If you want to read the whole damn episode at once, here are links to all eight stops in chronological order.

  1. Chef Edwards
  2. Uncle Willie's
  3. Elve's
  4. Maggie Ray's
  5. Old South
  6. Phatt Matt
  7. Tomm's/Everett & Jones

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