Tuesday, January 26, 2010

IEM Training Update- Vol. 13; Issue 3

January 24 status:


  • Approximately 20 boneless chicken wings, about 1 cup potato salad, a few fries, celery and carrot strips, blue cheese dressing- all from Wing Stop and consumed at Mitch Cardwell's place while listening to the first half of the NFC Championship game on the radio (cable was out.)
  • One large portion of enchilada casserole- consumed at Chris and Shannon's place while watching the remainder of the NFC Championship game.
  • Copious amounts of homemade kettle corn.
  • 3 glasses of Sunkist orange soda
  • One bottle Lagunitas IPA beer
  • 2 Coke floats- about 20 oz. of Coca- Cola with 3 scoops of Haagen Dazs Brown Sugar ice cream.
DEFECATION REFLECTIONS (what my turd looked like):
  1. 10:30am- A large bowl of Chex Mix covered in brown gravy
  2. 11:00pm- Oscar the Grouch's earthly remains after being drawn and quartered
EXERCISE: 30 minutes running on the treadmill at 6.8 mph


Johnny Rodriguez- My Third Album- 1974- $1.00- This is solid 70's country with J-Ro's usual M.O. where he sings a verse of several songs in Spanish. Rodriguez's baritone voice sounds great here, but some of the songs are generic. The cover of the Allman Brothers' ""Ramblin' Man" is unnecessary, but Rodriguez's take on George Harrison's "Something" is actually a great interpretation. As for the originals, the best track by far is "Jane", a mid-tempo tune that should have been a massive hit. "I've Never Had a Thing that Ain't Been Used" is also memorable. I couldn't find an online photo, but the LP cover is an awesome shot of Johnny wearing a bedazzled Wrangler denim jacket and jean combo. As a Mexican-American country artist, Johnny is the Larry Doby to Freddy Fender's Jackie Robinson.

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Bradley said...

Dude... sooo gross...eat a freakin' meal....please